pansy and draco yule ball

(Y/n) wasn't dancing with Weasley but simply talking to him, Potter and the other Weaslebee at the side on chairs. I smiled at her as she looked around in amazement as the lyrics played louder and the enchanted snow fell down again. It was the day of the Yule Ball and Pansy and I were in our dorms getting ready along with Millicent and Tracey. drapple, malfoy, reader. Oh boy. $1 "Oh yeah, and thanks for the Butterbeers. But clearly, she’s not. She looks around in shock but soon smiles when I caress her cheek. I lift her and she leans on my side as I look into her eyes and she looks into mine, our hands still intertwined as I spin us around and when I put her back down we do nothing for a while but look into each others eyes. They both squeal and hug me. "I guess I can forgive you" he instantly perks his head up and smiles. One of the most painful couples to read about interacting at the Yule Ball is Ron and Padma. Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson might kind of date through much of their time at Hogwarts, but it's’ clear that Draco was never that into her. Draco’s POV:I looked at my watch. He was always privately repulsed with her, the pug-faced little cow, and since this year he hated her more than ever. These two were already friends because they were in the same year and both played on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He … "Alright you go first Ginny" we say to her and push her off to the direction of the stairs. Seamus Finnigan and Lavender Brown might go to the Yule Ball together, but there isn’t much focus on them so it’s hard to know how the date went. "Ooooh that's even more awkward than Ron and Hermione hug from last year" I say to George and he laughs. I like a lot of jealousy too so I made this. These two are more compatible as friends than as romantic partners, but they do end up having a good connection. Rewind, Yule Ball, Take 2 (One shot) By Marmalade Fever. "How'd you like a dance?" "You look amazing!" I slowly undid the top of the egg and as soon as it opened a horrible shrieking sound came out and we all covered our ears. Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum might not end up together, but there’s definitely an argument to be made that they would have been a better pair than Ron and Hermione. She was a member of the Parkinson family and a possible descendent of Perseus Parkinson, a former Minister for Magic. Blaise asks me and I look to him in disbelief. Why?". Ask her for a dance" Parkinson tells me as I was still seated on my chair. Parvati hisses at him embarrassed. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. "Granger, why the hell are you crying when I didn't insult you at all tonight?" "But" I say and wrap my arms around his neck. Listening to the words to the song I thought of us. "It's not like you want to spend your first and probably last Hogwarts ball here alone and scowling" he replies and I glare to him. Ron Weasley. "(Y/n)? You and Draco turned to face one very angry looking Pansy Parkinson and a very cross looking Blaise Zabini. She smiled nervously as she carefully made her wait down the stairs in her heels and dress so she wouldn't trip. Draco had quickly appeared at Hermione's side. I promised Hermione and Ginny I would get ready with them but still help Pansy and the others with their hairstyles. "I know I messed up but this one is just asking her directly. Before I knew it I was making my way to her but stopped when Weasley came by her side and took her arm. His friends seemed too stunned to talk, but Pansy leaned over, whispering, “Good job, Draco.” There were two days until the Yule Ball. There's your champion date and a certain boy about to regret his decision to not ask you" I tell her. Crabbe asks me and I turn and glare to him but stop as I nod. While she definitely doesn’t have romantic feelings for him, and Neville is still at a somewhat awkward stage, these two are friends. No matter what she still forgave me and helped me. I was with Harry, Ron and George all slumped on chairs as couples danced their hearts out when Draco comes over to me. parkinson. Notice the sarcasm. Pansy was born in Great Britain or Ireland. I smirked. Fleur and Roger Davies are a couple that seem to have a good time during the Yule Ball even if they don’t have long term compatibility. I follow her gaze. I know that there's a certain Malfoy who's already regretting what he did before the Ball. The one guy I fancied leaving to dance with my best friend. I pulled her out and spun her back in into a dip and the song picked up again. Harry ends up going to the Yule Ball with Parvati after Cho Chang turns him down since she’s already going with Cedric. I laugh and take it and begin to dance with him. added by haley_scott. This is your night. That's why I decided to tell Draco I am willing to forgive him as well. But I can't help feel sorry for Ron. She looks to me happily. Hermione dithered, unsure what to do. Can I please have this dance?" It’s clear that romance wasn’t really in the air with these two at the dance. And besides you have your best friend there and he won't hurt you tonight" she tells me before she walks off to the stairs. She has my coat wrapped around her shoulder and I notice the necklace I gave her all the way to first year. Jealousy at the Yule Ball *So I have really wanted to do a Yule Ball imagine. Take this quiz to see which dress you would wear if you were able to attend the Yule Ball! I messed up and now she off with a Weasley. It’s a shame because at the very least they probably could have gotten along for one night, but Harry was being rather immature. As much as I want to tell him I forgive him I still couldn't. They would have at least had a decent time and been kind to one another. "I just wanted him to look at me the way he does to her" I say as I look back to him. As Pansy was born after the directory was published, it is unknown if she was pure-blood herself. "But I want you to forgive me not because it's Christmas but because I truly am sorry. Stepping on each others toes the whole time and just goofing around, like friends, brothers and sisters. Great timing. "Well. Loud music plays as the champions head to the dancefloor with their partners. Hagrid and Madame Maxime aren’t exactly officially dating during the time of the Yule Ball, but it’s clear that there is some romantic interest there. Hermione … The boys had gone ahead being their impatient selves so Ginny, Hermione and I were left to run along the stairs and corridors alone. It was the day of the Yule Ball and Pansy and I were in our dorms getting ready along with Millicent and Tracey. The school was littered with formally dressed students as the Yule ball began, I, unfortunately, was one of the people who couldn't afford to be late.

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