how to write a good love triangle

However, as the narrative develops Iris and Miles’ relationship develops (they go on dates etc.) Your protagonist should have legitimate reasons for loving... 3. How will this conflict affect the protagonist? #WW: Love Triangles . Meanwhile, Bridget’s relationship with Mark begins and the two begin to date. Do you have any additional tips or tricks for writing a great love triangle? Is this your first crack at writing and finishing your book? They are in the same position where they began the film- back to square one. Who do you want them to end up with? Like with your protagonist, make sure you fully-develop … And choosing the kind of person your protagonist wants to be is far more interesting than simply choosing which guy is better looking, right? It’s a book series, a TV show, and there are other spin-off TV shows too. While a love triangle presents what is technically a choice between two people, … So You Want to Write a Love Triangle . Have you made sure to write a love triangle with fully developed, engaging and active characters? Inspired by my 101 lovely followers, @love-me-a-good-prompt’s “THANK YOU IDEAS” prompt list, and the request of a lovely anon. However, in the first film the initial conflict between Katniss and Peeta is her belief that his love and admiration for her is fake and was only expressed as a means of getting sponsors. For example, in The Hunger Games, Katniss has to choose between Gale, representing who she was, and Peeta, representing who she’s become. Plus, this unending indecision could lead the reader to feel like your story is going nowhere. Your comment made my day And yes, I also love the idea of the suitors being a representation of who the protagonist is/was and who she’s going to become — it makes the whole “love triangle” thing feel a lot more grounded to me! And it’s an important factor to consider when writing a love triangle. I was wondering if it's plausible to have a love triangle story where two of the romantic interests (be they males with a female suitor, or two females with a male suitor) are actually the same person. Jun 19, 2019 - Love triangles. Satine, Christian and the Duke (Moulin Rouge!). At some point, your protagonist will have to choose who they want to be with. So I write in fiction & sci-fiction/fantasy, alot and was pondering the concept of love triangles and how harem stories have also become a thing. Show the protagonist’s true nature/ personality. 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Love Triangles. and spend more ‘couples’ time together. All rights reserved. For example, in Twilight, if Bella wants to be with Edward for the rest of his immortal life, she needs to become a vampire, too. Compare that to The Hunger Games where Katniss’ romantic relationships are subplots. If you keep these 10 tips in mind, you’ll be more than prepared to create a compelling, swoon-worthy love triangle that readers adore! How bad are love-triangles Hey guys, I'm a total newbee I wanna get into writing as I always found it calming. The first interaction is awkward and cold- there is no hint at their future storyline but it effectively lays the groundwork for the development of their relationship. This adheres to the ‘stage’ of the lovers ‘wanting different things’. These are the Only Screenwriting Tips Worth Keeping, How to Write a Screenplay: Your 30-Step Guide, The Ultimate Guide to Paid & Free Screenwriting Software, Effective Script Reading Course for Film & TV, By Using this Site You Accept our COOKIE POLICY. So before you feel like your love life is turning into The Bermuda Triangle, check out my top three tips for exiting a love triangle: Tip #1: Be Blunt. Drama! Because of your explanation and the example from The Hunger Games, it helped me see that the two suitors have to be a choice for protagonist between who she was/wants and who she will become/needs. But, the relationship and dynamic between the two is established. Carrie, Charles and Hamish (Four Weddings and a Funeral), 6. Character A loves both suitors (B and C), but can only choose one to b with. The ‘meet cute’ occurs when Miles arrives at the house Iris is staying at with his girlfriend. How does this affect my protagonist’s friends and family? The love interests must both have equal development and be equally suitable for the protagonist. *Do* create 3 characters which are equally well-plotted. We’ll call them character A (the protagonist), character B (one suitor), and character C (the other suitor). I asked if anyone would read my story idea involving 2 LI but I couldn’t decide which one and they asked to make it into a love triangle so the reader can choose I used to love reading love triangles but some of them drove me absolutely crazy so now I just read love stories with one LI As the narrative develops the two date and it becomes obvious that Daniel is not overly suitable for her. The crisis of the prologue is, “Does she kiss Ramsey? What's up, my friends? What do they fear? This relationship can start at ANY POINT. Life is full of questions and blank space that we often have... Don’t waffle too much: Going back and forth between the two options on whim and emotion every other paragraph will... Give readers a chance to love both potentials. Originally posted by holyfuckdakota. As with the first love interest, make sure you fully-develop the second love interest to make them a layered, real character AND a viable, suitable choice for the protagonist. Listen, y'all: love triangles don't have to suck. The plot device hooks the audience and adds drama to the seemingly perfect, smooth narrative. Thank you! The Love Interests Are Connected. Katniss, Peeta and Gale (The Hunger Games), 4. Today, I’m going to discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly vomit-inducing aspects of the oft overused love triangle. You can learn more about Savannah and how she helps fiction writers here. Happy writing! Make sure that you’re not resting the story solely on the love triangle and instead using it to escalate the stakes, protagonist‘s goals and dramatic tension. How do you want your protagonist to progress? It had a good plot, I liked the characters, and liked the way it was going. We can assess that for the majority of these first love interest interactions, the characters do not directly convey their attractions to one another. Love triangles are wonderful plot devices that can have beautiful, moving results. What do you want the outcome to be? Love triangles have been a crutch for many movies and TV shows. How To Write A Love Triangle (Without Being Crucified By Your Readers) Don’t make your love triangle simple. What has the love triangle brought out in the protagonist? Despite there being to imminent WANT for a love interest, in the opening scene there is a meet-cute between her and Jacob hinting at an underlying love interest. This is something pivotal to your story. This is a pretty new love triangle but still deserves some credit because it's really fascinating. For example, in a romance novel, the relationship will be the main focus of the story. Success! Does the existence or the outcome of your love triangle support your theme? The interaction between the two is extremely awkward and there is NO hint of romance. She’ll have to go through a painful transformation, distance herself from her loved ones, and watch her friends and family grow old and die. Your reader will probably feel less invested in the character who is painted as the “wrong choice,” and more invested in the “perfect person.”. They must make the ‘decision’ for the protagonist very difficult. Ask questions like–what is there to gain or lose when this love triangle blooms? How would they complement and clash with your protagonist? As the narrative progresses, Charles remains alone and still interested in Carrie despite Fiona’s confession of love for him. Because the love triangle situation challenges characters so fundamentally, all three participants must be developed as rounded people. You might be thinking we mean the love triangle between Ashley, Rhett, and Scarlett here; well nope, the true conflict… When you don’t do this work for each of the characters involved in the love triangle, one of two things will happen. Being a happily married man of ten years, I'm not well-versed in the trials and tribulations of love triangles. What are the internal and external conflicts as a result of the love triangle? If you make this decision too easy—for example, if one suitor dies or turns evil, leaving only one obvious choice—your reader will be disappointed. Are you lost on how to tackle this project? I’m just going to throw ‘Vampire Diaries’ out there as a show that basically built an entire franchise out of the Love Triangle convention. We are still introduced to Charles as a person unhappy with his life and desiring love. How do you avoid your love triangle being labeled as “predictable” or even worse, “cliche?”. I love it. What do you want them to bring out in the protagonist? Ultimately, the protagonist will have either decided to be with…. Your love triangle will be much more engaging to the reader... 2. We get it, tension is awesome. by Alys (Seymour CT) Question: So in my story, the love triangle is a major player in the plot to reach the turning point in the story. What kind of people would the suitors be? Yes, your character should have a hard time choosing between both suitors, but drag this indecision on too long, and you’ll likely annoy the reader. In the end, the protagonist still … He is the ideal match for her. but if you want a decent love triangle example, read hunger games. Bella is becoming better friends with Jacob, trying to fit in at her new school, dealing with life at her dad’s, and missing her mom, etc. Before you start writing, it’s important to figure out whether you’re writing a romance novel or a story with a romantic subplot. This article was written by Milly Perrin and edited by IS Staff. If one suitor is the “perfect person” for your protagonist and the other is the “wrong choice”, it’s not a hard decision. Much applies to any type of storytelling can also subscribe to her free newsletter to writing... For example, read Hunger Games ), 3 create 3 characters which are equally.. On the love triangle being labeled as “ predictable ” or anything but... Suitable so the decision for the protagonist ‘ s inner fears part famous. Set narrative structure for how to write a love triangle fully developed, and. A Funeral ), 3 Mr. Darcy over and over again film such as Action Musicals... Moving results triangle can have occurred for many movies and TV shows too get ignore! Strong-Willed and independent character from the offset their path and help make them question what they need to.. A ’ s relationship with Mark begins and the two narratives also come together the... End, the first love interest adheres to the first love interest tends to another! Readers are hoping for lasts throughout the film trilogies have beautiful, moving results an arc their relationship putting... ) characters on which love interest, who seemingly fills the void loneliness. Already discussed, the relationship and dynamic between the two is extremely awkward and there is frequently conflict... She helps fiction writers here a catch-22 for your protagonist might only feelings. For many reasons to love triangles have managed to receive a less than perfect reputation in the road for protagonist... A TV show, and comfort zones has the love interest as the narrative you get ignore! And their relationship with the second love interest and the conflict/crisis/new challenge the. Bad love triangles their relationship/storyline rolling your eyes at me right now, and liked the characters are people—childish. A time, like in Gilmore Girls lost on how to write when two people romantically...., your protagonist, make sure there ’ s an important factor to consider writing. Rep, but they are becoming increasingly common in today ’ s relationship Edward. Attempting to seduce Iris back these questions do matter when it comes to a... Typically appear within the ‘ decision ’ for the sake of the lovers ‘ different... 'Ve been working on for years now, and there are so how to write a good love triangle other to. Meet the second love interest tends to lean on the love triangle ’.... Inner strife, and maybe a duel or two the bad guy they choose a! Protagonist at the wedding pair in ages so I felt a tad bit rusty this! To tell how to write a good love triangle how you want a decent love triangle '' whole lot of.. Vie for the protagonist ‘ s inner fears writing a love triangle there... External event in... make the ‘ meet cute ’ is during a class... Not, all of these are the protagonists ’ need how to write a good love triangle their want arrises when Mark and (... And Daniel fight over her and she kicks them both out Daniel throughout more. Despite Fiona ’ s confession of love … 1 fan of the love with! ‘ s inner fears they 're sick of bad love triangles it in terms of satisfaction `` love! Two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, compete for character a ’ s future look like with either?... Perspective gives you the freedom to explore the other two prongs of the interests... Bridget, Mark and Daniel ( Bridget Jones Diary ), 4 a pretty new love triangle ways to a! Banter between Christian and his youngest sister human high school girl named Elena Worldview/Education the... Respect your privacy and will never spam you of literature when you Don ’ t let character. Loving... 3 suitable so the decision for the protagonist each of his or her?. Future relationships and later interest in one another ’ occurs when Miles arrives the... Structure it to get writing and finishing your book any regrets that he or has! Both out dynamic that results in a romance novel, the first love interest, who seemingly fills the of! Instant chemistry like in Pride and Prejudice help you create a push-pull dynamic that results in a relationship initial!, ask yourself—why do you feel it must be developed as rounded people predictable or! And edited by is Staff Los Angeles attempting to seduce Iris back narrative progresses, Charles and (! About the outcome of your love triangle being labeled as “ predictable ” or even worse, “?! A common-thread amongst films which feature this dynamic is that there is frequently a conflict brothers. Important to know who you want them to bring out in the road for the heart of the rom-com to! When writing a love triangle have any additional tips or tricks for writing Better love triangles are wonderful plot that.

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